Why am I going on a road trip to San Francisco?

First rental car from enterprise. There was a dent on the back left side. I did not pay for the damage as I got myself a insurance. Total rental for the car is $50 a day. This place is in Colorado.

Derek : You should come visit me one day!

Me: Where?

Derek: San Francisco!!

Me: Okay I will! I am planning an road trip for 2 months to the states anyways. (So, I plan to visit him on the 5th Feb but I got into a car accident. I decided to take 3 months off work so i get to travel for a bit before changing industry. I just never thought that it would be so addictive once I start to travel. I am currently using the wifi in the Mcdonalds , San Francisco.)

Arches National Park in Utah
Trying to pose in front of the Delicate Arch in Utah. Did not pay to get in the national park. Free parking as well. Hiked 3 mile to this beautiful mountain.

I was glad that I did not give up in completing my initial plan to complete my road trip because of the car accident. The original plan was to meet up with my ex-coworkers in Miami during March Break. Plans changed and it is way too hard to plan my trip one week in advance. I usually sent last minute request to couchsurfers in each states. If my host canceled on my request last minute, I will have to sleep in my car for the night. I do not mind doing that because I have a mattress at my back seat.

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco
Richard ,the chocolate maker from San Francisco and I at Huntington Falls

My adventure so far is amazing and tiring at the same time. After 6 days of driving, sightseeing, eating, cooking, shower, sleeping, hanging out with locals and hiking, I arrived in San Francisco!!! YAHHHHHH ME!! (Insert Poop Emoji :>). According to google map, it takes about 40 hours of non stop driving. I know I could have flew to San Francisco instead but what’s the fun of it?If not I would not be able to explore Chicago, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Utah. It was a very long drive for me but I think it was worth it!

Lands End in San Francisco

The challenges I encounter during my Cross Country Road Trip from Toronto to San Francisco.

  1. Taking free cold showers in rest areas
  2. Cooking on the go without an actual stove
  3. Eating Healthy
  4. Finding a free overnight parking
  5. Sleeping in the cold (-11 degree Celsius)

    Sleeping in my car ZZZZZ
  6. Saving $$$$$ on accommodations and food (couch surfing helps only if you know exactly where you are going to be, sometimes you just want to wonder longer in one area)
    Groceries on the road: Instant noodles,canned soup, pasta, pasta sauce , cereal, banana, pear, bread, hot chocolate, instant coffee, tea, granola bars, and homemade cake that my mom made

    Making instant noodles in my bed because it was too windy outside (Colorado)
  7. Unsafe free overnight public parking
  8. Car accident
  9. Weight Gain

    Huntington Falls in San Francisco

The highlights of my Cross Country Road Trip so far:

  1. I get to spend 2 weeks with a successful tattoo artist/drummer in Erie Pennsylvania.
  2. First Ever 3 mile solo mountain hiking to Delicate Arch in Utah.
    Arches National Park , Utah

    Utah hiking
  3. Tasted the most delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes at Baby Stacks Cafe 2400 N Buffalo Dr Las Vegas , NV 89128.

    Most Delicious red velvet pancake ever in Vegas!!
  4. Visit the bean in Chicago.
  5. Learn to appreciate a life of a truck driver/RV drivers.

    Love’s is my favourite truck stop so far in USA for private showers (13$ USD = $17.43 CAD), free hot water, microwave, gas, convenient store, washroom ,laundry and clothes.
  6. Learn to save on accommodation and food by sleeping in my car, taking cold shower in washrooms, finding free overnight parking and cooking instant noodles/canned soup with my portable propane.
  7. Driving through a stormy weather along Iowa and Nebraska.

    The summit, Nebraska
  8. Visited Derek ,my friend/photographer after 5 years.

Met up with Derek in Twin Peak , San Francisco

Feature Traveler

Name: Jess

Name one thing that you like about traveling: Hearing people’s testimony

Name : Tim

Name one thing that you like about traveling: Journey getting to a destination

Name: Jonah

Name one thing that you like about traveling: Experience new culture and food


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