The America’s Great Natural Parks

37 days Adventure in United States (23 Feb 2017- 30 Mar 2017)

I am very blessed to be able to solo travel to the states for a longer period of time than most people have. Many have lived in the states for a long time and have not explored the beautiful national forest, monuments and parks. I am going to list the few great national parks that I got a chance to explore and hike.

FYI: I recently found out about the benefits of hiking and got so many great feedback from the facebook hikers group regarding the places that I have been and was going to go during my road trip. I had the most fun and random experience that I have ever had in my entire life. I have met so many people like tattoo artist, world traveler, chocolate maker, nature photographer, hikers, cross country cyclist, random stripper/dancer, medical illustrator graduate, illustrator, nude photographer, and former us army. I got a chance to share my travel stories and learn from their experience/travel stories. Many have gone through good and bad experience. Man, I can tell you the worst travel stories that I have (I am sure I am not allowed to publish here :P).

Nevertheless, I will introduce to you the best of the best national parks that I had a chance to skim through. I did not plan to go to many of these and I wish I had more time to visit other national parks on the way. Hey, at least I have a good excuse to travel back to the states that I have missed. I will list my favorite ones to the least favorite ones including hot springs, national forest, state parks , waterfalls, caverns and monuments.

  1. Big Bend National Park, Texas
    Grapevine Hills Trail

    Cactus everywhere in this dessert
Yes, they have a hot spring there! Many families and couples come here during spring break, it gets very packed! I had to go back the 2nd time the next day to enjoy the hot springs the morning all by myself πŸ˜›
It gets pretty packed as many families from all around the world/texas to enjoy this beautiful hot springs. It was about 101 degrees farenheit (38.33 degrees celcius). Surprisingly they have wifi in the information centre and some lodges.

2. Arches National Park, Utah

The famous Delicate Arch: Many people came here to hike. 6 miles(1.27 km) round trip hike here.

Hiking and take pic with my tripod πŸ˜›

3. Yosemite National Park, Northern California

You need to pay 15$ usd ($20 cad) for entrance fee / 80$ usd ($107.08 cad) annual pass for all national parks
I wanted to hike half dome but I can’t find that mountain so I gave up. There were many tour bus and no service in this park

4. San Antonio Hot Spring, New Mexico

2 miles(.85 km) easy one way hike here. Pretty icy because of the snow. Make sure you are wearing winter hiking boots and bring sandals for the hot spring. My favourite hot spring so far :>
So glad i got to shower here and enjoy the beautiful view πŸ™‚

5. Arizona Hot Spring, Arizona

111 degrees farenheit (43.88 degrees celcius). It was about 6.5 miles (2.76 km) round trip hike here. Easy to medium hike for beginners like me
Rick my Couchsurfer host / Experience hiker from Arizona took this with his go pro. Thank you Rick!

6. Devil’s Bathtub, Virginia

Bit cold. Thought it was a hot tub but I showered here anyways. Only a easy 2 miles(.85 km) one way hike here
If it was warmer, I would slide down here :<

7. Grand Falls (Chocolate Falls), Arizona

8. Twin Peak, Northern California

9. Everglades National Park, Florida

My long lost cousin , Luc and his girlfriend, Athena. They love the wildlife. I think they are so cute together

10. Angeles National Forest, Southern California

Posing for a picture before my first bungee jumo to Bridge to Knowhere. 10 miles (4.25 km) medium hike round trip to this mountain! It was rainy and cold but outside this mountain was so sunny and no service !!! Your shoes will get wet, wear light running shoes!

11. Acadia National Park, Maine

Entrance : Free

12. Great Smoky Mountain, Tennessee

Easy hike. You may need to change your shoes because it will get wet.
Small waterfalls. There was no entrance fee. Asked a couple of local and they said there was no hiking in this mountain :<. Found this small river stream /hiked here to for a cold shower !


Tree of shame : Bike and Car parts on a tree

13. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Only for visitors to dip in their fingers because its super hot 139 degrees farenheit (59.44 degree celcius)
Grab your map for a nearby short hike
Check out the free museum and see how the spa and old school hot spring bathtub works.

14. Winter Green Gorge, Pennsylvania


15. Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

Stuck in the puddle :<
Enter at Your own Risk !!

    That one time that I ignored the sign and got myself stuck in the puddle. Thank god for roadside assistance. Waited for like almost 1 hour at a nearby cottage (Thank god the owners were home at that time).

16. Longhorn Cavern, Texas

Tour/ Entrance fee $15 usd ($20.07 cad)
It gets pretty crowded during spring break. It was really hard for me to take pictures inside the cavern because there was not enough natural light

17. Radium Spring, Georgia

This is not a hot spring. Make sure you do your research before :<. It is a natural spring for fishes. Pretty cold to bathe in too. It was a great day to sun bathe here though.


Name : Saint

What’s your favourite thing you like about travelling? Meeting People

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