Road Trip Tips: 6 ways to shower for free!

If you are like me, you will want to know where , how and when to shower for free to save money during your trip. I can go one day without shower but not two days. Yes, I know I am a bit of a hygiene freak! :P.

It was a 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Showered @ San Antonio Hot Spring , New Mexico.

FYI: I am still on a cross country road trip from Canada to United States. I will list the hot springs and national parks and travel expenses  after my trip in another blog post. Stay Tune and Don’t Miss out!

  1. Public Washrooms

Make sure you use a bucket to fill water from the sink or water bottle. Rest stops and national parks washrooms are my go to places to shower. I do not recommend going into restaurants, gas station and grocery stores because it gets way too crowded with people going in and out. However, you can feel free to wash your utensils in any public places. Always keep the places clean after you do so. I usually try to shower during the night because it’s less crowded.

2.  Hot Springs! <3

Hike here with my couchsurfer host ,Ricky @ Arizona Hot Spring. 111 degrees Fahrenheit (43.88 degree celcius)
Big Bend Hot Spring ,Texas. $25 usd (33.37$ cad) entrance fee for one week. You have to book a campsite if you plan to camp/lodge here. Cost me $80 usd for my annual national park pass

You can search on google where are the hot springs located in the states. Some of them are located in national parks , where you need to pay a fee. I bought a 80$ usd ($134.43 cad) annual national park pass that has access to all the national parks in the states. It will be the best investment if you do a lot of road trips in USA. Make sure you are wearing your bathing suit because it is still a public place and many people do not want to see you naked!!

3. River Stream/ Waterfalls

Yosemite River, California . Entrance fee is 15 $ usd (20$ cad ) per entry or the annual national park pass for $80 usd.

It gets pretty cold during the winter. I have never done that but i wash my clothes in the river with hand soap (Big Bend National Park , Texas). Waterfalls/River Streams gets cold but you can always do it during summer. Some places do not get too cold like in Toronto, Canada.

San Antonio Hot Spring , New Mexico

4. Hand Sanitizer/ Wet Wipes

It can be costly if you try this everyday because you will need a lot of them to keep yourself clean. You can use the hand sanitizers from national parks washrooms or public washrooms.

Too cold and too many people to shower here in Yosemite Falls, California. Go to national forest to shower/ shower with bathing suit in a public place.

5. Couchsurf/ Stranger’s Home

Best place to cook your meal (instant noodles, spaghetti,canned soup, carrots and potatoes) and pack it to go. You can even hand wash your clothes  or pay for coin laundry. Always ask your host permission first before doing your cooking , shower and laundry.

6. Outdoor Pools/ Outdoor Showers

It depends on which area and the timing. I went to the outdoor pool in Georgia, but it was all dry because they close it for the winter season. They only open it for the public during spring , summer and end of fall. It is the same in Canada as well. There won;t be any outdoor pool open during winter season, but you can see a lot of family and children playing around the playground and the water in one of the outdoor pool. Keep in mind that you should wear your bathing suit as families do not like it because no one wants to see you naked anyways :P.


At last, there are many ways you can shower for free on the go,. I believe some RV’s has their own shower but they are usually very expensive to rent/buy. I heard this couple that lived the RV life for 13 years and used a outdoor portable solar shower (left it outside for couple of hours under the sun and it was filled with hot water and ready to shower). Some Rv’s have their own water tanks too. You can always think of creative ways to shower or live a simple life. I managed to say no to the gym and just go out for a nice walk by myself to enjoy the view and nature. There are more that you can see and do outdoors instead of staying indoors and working in a rat race environment all day. Life is more simple if you have less things.

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