My First South East Asia Trip

Its great to be back to Toronto. I’m glad that I got my tropical skin back from 9 years ago when I grew up in Malaysia. I always complain that the weather is too hot in Malaysia but I tried to avoid the Air Conditioner when I was in Asia. I wish i can stay longer in SouthEast Asia. I think my stay is too short. I did not plan my trip well as i went over my budget and also I should have research more on the top destinations to visit. Well, nuff said…………I am going to breakdown the cost of my spending in all 3 countries and my opinion traveling in such a short period of time in each of them.

Here is my completed bucket list:

  • Scuba Dive in Mactan, Philipines
  • Water Rafting in Ubud, Indonesia
  • Tiger Feeding in Siracha Tiger Zoo, Thailand
  • Flying Trapeze in Manila, Philipines
  • Elephant Bath and Ride in Ubud, Indonesia
  • Learn how to surf in Kuta Beach, Indonesia
  • ATV ride in Ubud, Indonesia
  • Fish Spa in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dolphin Encounter in Subic Bay, Philipines
  • Mountain Hiking in Tagaytay, Philipines
  • Wake Boarding in Lilo-an, Philipines

Duration: 17 Days (Jan 10- Jan 27, 2017)

Grand Total: 3,992.05 CAD

Breakdown of my Expenses:

  • Multi Destination Flight : 2,513 CAD

Destinations : Thailand, Indonesia and Philipines

Philippines (1 CAD = 37.8 Pesos):

The local here are really friendly and welcoming . Maybe because I am a girl :P. Even though I do not know anyone here, everyone I met here offer to lend a hand. They know that I am traveling alone and would offer me food ,shelter, offer to split some of my taxi fare, and drive me to my excursion destination. I booked my last min trip to Cebu  City because there’s not much to do in Manila. I am glad i came to Cebu City even though the fare is very expensive. I stayed in Philippines for 6 days and I got to checked off some of my bucket list here. I wanted to do island hoping but I spent way too much so I only choose Scuba diving instead. I stayed about 3 nights in my couch surf host Noemi’s place (Taquig City) in the village. Her place is in the middle of nowhere. Taxi and motorbike drivers do not know /have a hard time finding her place. The security in Manila is pretty tight as there was a rumor that there was a bomb threat. I think it is pretty safe to travel here. The traffic in Manila is worst than in Cebu City. My stay was too short because I was afraid that I might be out of budget , which I am right. I would say that you need at least 1 month to visit the main attractions, island and excursion as the island here are really far from each other. I will come back once day for sure to visit Palawan island. I tried to approach people so I don’t get too lonely and try to make new friends to split the cost with me for the activities that I wanted to participate in. Main religion in Philippines is Catholic. I see people praying a bakery shops too.

  • Airbnb: 52 CAD for 3 (Cebu City) +  Free for 4 days in Manila (CouchSurf+ Hitch Hike)
  • Food: 72 CAD
  • Transportation: 81.11 CAD
  • Shopping, Gifts, Sim Cards, Miscellaneous: 80 CAD
  • Excursions and Sight Seeing: 154 CAD
  • Total : 439.11 cad

So I took the motorbike from my Airbnb place to Papa Kits in Lilo-an to fish but found out that it’s just a pond fishing. I was expecting lake fishing and the fishes were so small. So I gave up after 15 minutes. You can cook the fish here ( they will charge you by kilo) or bring it back after .
Ended up spending most of my time here because fishing was not as fun as wake boarding. #Cebuwake in Lilo-an, Philipines
First time trying Wake boarding in Cebu, Philipines. The staff was amazing and I was invited to have dinner and party with them after. 500 pesos (13.15 CAD)for 1 hour of cable wakeboarding. I want to challenge myself and try the boat wakeboarding next time.
Wakeboarding is fun!!
Wake Board view in Lilo-an
Partying with the Wake Board Crew at Hatchi Bar on Saturday night. Most local young people party here. There was a stage where only girls are allow to dance and if a male tries to dance, security will bring you down. Majority of the crow is mostly male. Ladies get in for free , casual attire, and no bags allowed. I had to carry my camera because I came to dance and take pictures.

Check out a video of me trying balut for the first time

Beautiful Turquoise River at Kawasan Falls, Philipines. Entrance fee for 40 pesos (1.05 cad), 300 pesos (7.8 CAD) for a table and 300 pesos(7.8 CAD) for bamboo ride


Kawasan Falls , Philipines
Fresh Honey Sold here in Kawasan Falls
Meet Sayaka from Japan. She love to scuba dive. She just finished her 2 day dive beginner certificate here in Nanami dive centre. Too bad she doesn’t speak english well. I paid 3500 pesos for an introductory dive lesson with no certificate for 2 dives (10-12 m deep). It was pretty challenging because my ear drums were hurting if I go lower but the dive master helped me as I am still new at diving. I love feeding the fishes with bread. We are allowed to touch the corals here in Mactan, Philipines.

Many Korean and Japanese people come here to Scuba Dive here as well because they do not have many scuba diving facilities and places to dive in their home country

Nanami Dive shop equipment. Ramel, the owner was very friendly and nice. He bought Sayaka and I lunch after our dive.
I love the delicious Manok (BBQ Chicken) . Cost 62 pesos for 2 satay drumstick (1.63 cad )
People’s Park ,Tagaytay (30 pesos= .78 CAD entrance fee). Overlook Taal Valcano
Nice view from top here in Tagaytay , Philipines. Was hoping to do some mountain hiking but this is just a park to enjoy the nature and the view. It cost more if I want to take a ferry or the boat to Taal Volcano.
I met a sweet women name, Jaybee at the airport . She invited me to stay at her place for one night as her place was closer to the sky diving facility that I wanted to go to in Pampanga. She and her crew wasted a trip there as OMNI aviation in Pampanga does not offer any skydiving anymore due to the low demand. They offer helicopter flying for $405 CAD for 1-3 person. So they fed me lunch and waited for me outside Ocean Adventure for a few hours in Subic Bay to “Encounter with Dolphins”. I felt very grateful to this group of people because of their friendly hospitality and welcoming me as a stranger and foreigner to their home and country. I do not know what to say to them except for thanking them for helping me to get around.
Dolphin Encounter at Ocean Adventure, Philipines. 788 peso (20.72 CAD)for entrance to all the shows, 1000 pesos (26.31 CAD)to take picture and feed two of the cute rescued dolphins
Waited 2 hours to see the Dolphin Show . The Ocean Adventure is mainly for children as they have a lot of ocean related live shows for kids.
Flying Trapeze in Manila. I thought this circus act was only for adult. I met a family from Canada and their 2 kids and I were the only ones doing the trapeze. You need a lot of arm muscles to swing like a monkey. The instructors were so fit and one of them performed in the circus before. One of the instructor’s son were able to hang on the swing. Just be careful when practicing the “estrada” move because you might hurt your foot if you do not open your legs wider. Check them out here Cost only 800 pesos(21 cad) for 2 hours.
Flying Trapeze in Manila with the instructors. Bucket List Checked! I like how i blend in with the Philippines because i have “tropical skin tone” now.

Check out a video of me doing Trapeze here:

Chinese food in Manila dinner for one and dessert (615 pesos = 16 cad). The peanut sauce noodles doesn’t taste that good.
Restaurant at Market Market , Taquig city, Manila
My favourite dessert in Philipines , Halo Halo dessert in Chow King

Thailand (1 CAD = 26.8 Baht):

Thailand is a great place for party people. Thailand is a very popular destination compare to Indonesia and Bangkok. Many foreigner love to travel to Thailand because of the island , weather, food and nightlife. Many foreigner like to party at Khao San Road. Even the locals like to party here. There were plenty of street food compare to restaurants. You can try many different traditional local food here (Please be aware of the insects). I wanted to do island hoping but my stay was very short here. You need about 2 weeks or more to visit the most popular island in Phuket,and James Bond Island. Make sure your bargaining skills are very good because you can literally bargain anything here. I learned this from my Malaysian friends. I didn’t really make new friends as I was with my childhood friends most of the time. A lot of the people here do not speak English well. I tried to communicate with one of the taxi driver (while he was on the phone with someone else) and he didn’t understand what I was trying to say to him. Taxi drivers do not have gps/data connection on their phone. Taxi drivers only has pay phones.

  • Hotel: 279 CAD for 5 days
  • Food and drinks: 53.23 CAD
  • Transportation: 18 CAD
  • Clothes , Gifts, Medical Bill and Miscellaneous (sim card, detergent, etc) : 128 CAD
  • Excursions and Sight Seeing :130.11 CAD

  • Total : 608.34 cad

Michelle and Wyman <3
Famous Wonton noodles in Soi 19, Bangkok
Morning market from 4am-9.30am. cheap wholesale clothes here.
Floating Market Area
Scorpion Challenge. Warning: Do not eat any Scorpion in Thailand. You will puke!

Check out the video of Steve and I trying the Scorpion!

Floating Market Boat Ride. You get to stop and buy food clothes and bags on the boat.
Tuk Tuk
Came all the way from Canada to meet some of my church and childhood buddies from Malaysia. Erica, Wayne, Wyman, Michelle and Karyn. Met new friends as well (Jas and Frank)
Look who I found ? Ivana , Steve and 2 random party girls in Khao San Rd

Check out the video of “Crazy Steve” getting his tattoo done for the first time after getting drunk at the bar. I honestly think that he already planned this because its cheaper to do it here in Thailand than in Canada.

Only in Thailand. Saw this sign in one of the bars. If you are no a customer, you need to pay 20 baht (.74 cad) to get a blow job in the washroom. I was shocked to see this sign.


Fish spa 150 baht (5.5 cad) for 30 min in Chinatown ,Bangkok
All you can eat seafood for 399 baht (16 cad). Seafood is soooo fresh at Mingkorn Seafood

Indonesia (1 CAD = 10,153 Rupiah):

My stay was really short because it took me all day to complete a lot of the tours that I didn’t get a chance to do a lot of sight seeing. I didn’t really get a chance to meet a lot of people here except my 2 new couch surfer friends. I got lost a couple of times trying to find my villa. There were more restaurants here than street food near my area in Kuta. I am glad I did a lot of the excursions and met many travelers like myself from other countries. The road here is very narrow. I see many foreigners rent a scooter /motorbike to drive. I don’t trust their driving because they do not know the road signs and not familiar with the area. Australians love to travel to Bali, locals said that they feel like Bali is their second home. I even met a couple that would love to have their wedding here because the price is very affordable and the weather is amazing. There were many villas and I my Airbnb villa that I stayed in. You need to get used to showering in cold water here.

  • Airbnb: 52 cad for 5 nights
  • Food and Drinks: 15 cad
  • Transportation: 23.36 CAD
  • Miscellaneous, Gifts, Shopping, and Sim Card : 26.88 cad
  • Excursions :301 CAD
  • Total : 418.24 cad

    Bali’s main religion is Hindu. You get to see many of these rice and crackers in front of statues and houses. The locals say that they offer food on the floor for the Gods to bless them in the mornings.
My new couchsurfer friend Uji and I having dinner in Kuta, Bali. 36,000 rupiah(3.54 cad) dinner for 2, chicken and special rice from Jakarta.
My beautiful villa. The air bnb owner was not really good at communicating with me in the beginning but during my stay he was very welcoming and provide me with hot water for my coffee. I arrived here around 2am and I slept outside because i was late for check in. There were cockroach everywhere on the bench and it rained a bit too. Cockroaches and Rats in asia are pretty common.
Tanah Lot: So many tourist here.
Tanah Lot :60,000 rupiah entrance fee
Went to a watch lady boy lip sync in MixWell bar. No cover to get in

Check out their show :

Lip Sync Britney Spears


Tried surfing for the first time , and got scammed for my $. I was kinda stupid because I do not know how to count the $ here in Indonesia (currency is too small). I gave extra 600,000 rupiah to the surfing instructor and he said he will return the $ back to me as he already gave it to his boss. It ended up costing me 714,000 rupiah (70 cad) instead of 200,000 rupiah (20 cad) for 2 hour private lesson. I didn’t really enjoy surfing because my eyes hurt and I drank too much salt and dirty water at Kuta beach
Please do not trust Rizal from Kuta Beach Bali for private surfing lessons.
Was on a hunt to look for Bungee jumping /Sky diving deals here in Ubud, Bali but they do not have it. So I tried ATV and it was so fun. Getting down was harder because its so steep. I had a personal photographer using my phone to take a picture so I do not have to buy the video. Note to self: Neat time wear dark coloured clothes. It cost me about 700,000 rupiah (68.9 cad) for a tour including lunch and shared transportation here. I know I can get a better deal as my bargaining skills are not that good.

Check out the short video of my ATV ride:

Tour for Elephant Ride , Bath and Water Rafting for 140 CAD, including lunch. They were rescued elephants.
Elephant ride
Feed fruits and Take Pic with Elephant for a fee.
Our funny Instructor was trying to communicate in mandarin with the Chinese tourist. I had to translate in mandarin as the Chinese tourist are not that fluent in english. They were surprised that I know how to speak mandarin. I had my period in the same day and it was raining pretty hard too. It was fun but I wish the weather was hot. We had to use a lot of arm muscles for the rafting. At some point we were competing with other rafters on the other boat.
Kuta Beach


Feature Traveler:

Name: Steve

Name one thing you like about traveling?: Doing things that I never did before

How did we meet? College

How many countries have you traveled to? 4

Name : Ivana

How did we meet? College

Name one thing you like about traveling? Learning about different cultures

How many countries have you visited? 6

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