Learning how to be a HOBO!

Everglades National Park, Florida

I really love to live the van life/car life! Are you out of your MIND! I don’t know what are you doing! YES , there are many mistakes that I have made. I am not going to beat myself up because of that. When I told people that I want to live the van life. I get a lot of response like that. I love how I can explore without worrying  about my appearance , peeing in the bushes, asking help from strangers, being myself, being selfless and a problem solver. At first I thought to myself that the van life is not for me. There are a lot of hard work when it comes to planning and budgeting a long road trip.

Big Bend National Park, Texas
Hike to Arizona Hot Spring
Car Camping/ Making breakfast in Virginia
2 miles (.85 km ) hike to Devil’s Bathtub, Virginia
Met up with my long lost cousin , Luc in Miami
Great Smoky Mountain , Tennessee
Hollywood, LA   

I find myself asking these questions a lot:

  1. Where to stay?
  2. How much cash should I bring?
  3. What to eat?
  4. What can i do when I arrive at a destination?
  5. Where to shower/wash my clothes?
  6. Where should I visit first?
  7. Where to park my car overnight?
  8. How long am I staying in one area?
  9. Who else should I meet/stay with?
  10. If I go hiking, how long is the hike?
  11. How to hand wash my clothes in the river stream? (I did that but my clothes still stink)
  12. How to pay for a speeding ticket in the states?
  13. How to save $ on a road trip?
Arches National Park, Utah

Of coarse I had to change my plans to alter the new problems that I encounter. You can always change your plans/itinerary but always make sure that you do not change your goals. I am pretty disappointed that I had to cancel some of my plans that I was looking forward to do! But hey there are some things that happened along the way that are out of my control. What I did not do is that I did not give up on my end goals. If I did that, I would have regret not finishing my road trip that I originally planned!

San Antonio Hot Spring, New Mexico

Remember to stay positive because everyday is a New Adventure!

Grand Falls , Arizona

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