I <3 Durian

Timeline: Jan 2017

Cost: 4.4$ CAD – 8.70$ CAD

Countries : Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines

I  know, I know I have an obsession with Durian.:P If some of you do not know what durian is , it is a kind of fruit grown in South East Asia. I know some people do not like durian because of the smell. For me, I really like the smell. When you get a chance to overcome the smell, durian taste really good. I’m so blessed that got a chance to try the durian in all three countries. I know how the durian in Malaysia taste like so I am also going to compare durian in all four countries. I never really got a chance to try the durian here in Canada because they are too expensive and not fresh. The durian I bought are not in season yet . Durian season is generally around June  to August.

Durian in Cebu, PhilipinesI bought this durian in Ayala grocery store in Cebu city, Philippines while I was shopping around for Scuba Diving excursion deals. This the the second best durian I like so far because its very juicy on one side but not the other. I was eating the durian in the shopping mall and many people was drawn by the smell and wondered who ate durian here at the mall. Some countries, like do not allow you to eat durian in public due to the strong smell.

251.543PHP = $6.6 Cad Durian in Cebu, Philipines
320 baht = $8.70 cad Durian in Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand

Here is a video of me eating durian on the street in Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries that do not allow you to eat durian in public, hotels and public transportation. They have no durian signs posted everywhere. I was shocked and disappointed. I had to eat durian on the street :<. I think the durian in Thailand does not taste as good as the durian from Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. It is more expensive too but because it is not in season as well.

47,053 rupiah = 4.6 cad Durian in Bali, Indonesia

My favourite durian among all three countries because it is cheaper and taste very juicy. I bought it at a 24 hours supermarket. Uji , my new friend from Kuta, Indonesia brought me here to try it because I told him I like Durian so much. We picked the smallest one and one of the staff cut it and wrapped it for us. We had the durian outside the supermarket. I was glad that they didn’t ban durian in public places.

Here is a video of me trying the durian in Kuta, Indonesia with Uji

Durian in Bali, Indonesia

In conclusion, I think the best durian I had so far is from Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. However, my favourite one is still from Malaysia because  I had it when it was in season. If you never tried it before, I encourage you to overcome the strong smell and give durian a try. It is a very exotic , delicious and nutritious fruit.

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