Finding <3 Love Around The Globe

Many people have been asking if I have any travel plans this year? My answer is always yes. However, I want to settle ,focus on myself and career before I travel to another country and explore again. The thing with traveling is that I like how diverse the world has to offer. There are many choices when it comes to food, culture, places and people. It is possible to travel around the world, but only if you are willing to make sacrifices. The most common sacrifices that I hear is that a lot of people are not willing to travel because they have kids, career and mortgage.

On the positive side of traveling, you might be able to find love. There are a lot of people that would go to another side of the country to meet their lover. Love is an interesting topic in general. What we do not see is that there are many people that is looking and searching for someone that they can connect sexually, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Our whole life, we tried to find someone to fulfill the gap of loneliness. It is our human nature to want someone to love us but not being so needy. There is a difference.

It is a great feeling to fall in love. Sometimes love can be found in your own city, hometown, village and country. If we are able to stop and look around instead of focusing too much on making money/ chasing dreams. You never know because some people will surprise you sometimes. Falling in love is an easy thing to do , however , being in a relationship with the same person for the rest of your life takes a lot of work.

Always be grateful with what you already have because you are going through a very blessed journey that many others would wish that they are able to accomplish. I know that many might not already know this but, traveling is a luxury. As a reminder, when you are on your vacation or backpacking trip, always remember to thank the people that has helped you through your journey and stop complaining!




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