America Cross Country Road Trip 2017

Date : Jan 31, 2017- March 30, 2017

Travel insurance: $180 CAD for 2 months

Phone Bill: $100 usd ( $136.55 CAD) for 2 months

Gas : $1,41 6.06 cad

Car Rental: $2,039.92 CAD

Gas price range :  1.88/gallon – 2.9/gallon

Groceries/ Restaurants: $295.21 CAD

 Gifts/ Souvenir : $153.94 CAD

Accommodation: $232.13 CAD

Grand Total: $4,320.86 CAD

The endless adventure that I have gone through:

  • Slept in my car
  • Visited 24 states (some of them I actually just passed by)
  • Visited family and friends in 4 states
  • Gone through 3 cars with 2 car rental companies
  • Forgot where I parked my car in Miami, Florida :<
  • Visited 5 hot springs in 5 states
  • Battling through Bulimia Nervosa
  • Couch surfed in 7 host’s home and 2 stranger’s’ home
  • Almost got 3 speeding tickets in 3 states

The 24 States that I have been to :  

  1. Buffalo
  2. Pennsylvania

    Erie, Pennsylvania
  3. Michigan
  4. Illinois
  5. Iowa
  6. Nebraska
  7. Colorado
  8. Utah

    Arches National Park, Moab
  9. Nevada

    Shake Shack, Las Vegas
  10. California            
    Yosemite National Park

  11. Arizona

    Arizona Hot Spring
  12. New Mexico
  13. Texas

    Big Bend National Park, Texas
  14. Arkansas

    Hot Spring National Park Museum
  15. Tennessee
  16. North Carolina
  17. Georgia
  18. Florida
  19. Virginia

  20. Maryland

    National Cherry Blossom Festival , Maryland
  21. New York
  22. Vermont

  23. New Hampshire
  24. Maine

After settling down at home (Toronto), looking for my dream job, a second car , contemplating, reflecting,    overthinking,over-stressing wheather I have made the right choices in life. My gut feeling is telling  me that I have made many mistakes that I wish I could have avoided. I know that now and I have grown and learn not to make those same mistakes. I have fallen, bruised, bleed, beaten emotionally after a long trip of a lifetime that I did not think that I  could have completed. It was my determination, drive and self-motivation that enables me to push myself to complete my personal goals. If you think that you are unable to try again after you have failed ,make sure you do not keep yourself in that same position as long as do not give up on the end goal and yourself. You have more to offer to this world than you think. Many people in this world have fallen and are able to keep themselves together because they have the drive to reach their end goal.

Having instant noodles for dinner @ Big Bend National Park, Texas

It is indeed a weird feeling after coming back from a very adventurous journey. Being able to step out of my comfort zone, doing things out of the ordinary and believing that I can do it no matter what the outcome could be is the greatest risk/feeling of all. I for one would like to thank God for giving me another chance in life after the car accident, to be able to discover, explore and reinvent my life over again. There were many times that I could have given up in life because of the challenges that I have faced, yet the holy spirit has not given up on me. After my cross country road trip to the states, I realized how it felt like to be homeless. Traveling is a very luxurious opportunity that not a lot of people get to experience. The reason why I am writing all my blog post is not to brag about my ‘vacation/nomad life’ , it is a way for me to express myself and to let people know about the good and the bad about my travel experience. There are many good experiences throughout my travel journey. Yet, there are many mistakes that I have made that I wish I knew. I hope that you will learn from my mistakes and be cautious during your travel as well. I do not wish all the accident that has happen to me to happen to you as well. My travel experiences has taught me many lesson about life and it helps me with my personal growth as well. There are somebody out there that are going through life day by day and not knowing if they are going to live for another 30 days. I learn that I appreciate my life, my family, my friends and the opportunity that I have.

Feature Traveler

Name: Lance

Name one thing that you like about traveling: Food

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