Alone or Lonely?

First of all if you plan to travel by yourself, you will think that you get pretty lonely. Let me tell you this, you will fell alone and lonely if you are not open minded and willing to try new things, socialize and explore new area.

Philippines seafood

It gets pretty lonely sometimes when you are traveling by yourself. However, you will meet new and interesting people. I like to go to local places rather than the very famous destination that you see on postcards and posters. I get to meet and see how the local live and eat. If you are a female solo traveler, you will get a lot of man trying to approach you because you are a foreigner. Do not be afraid and just try to socialize with them. Just try not to be too friendly if you do not want to because you never know if they are a rapist/ murderer. Some of them just want to help you out and they are just like us.

Jess , from Pennslyvania almost “died” when we hike the winter green gorge

From my experience, the most interesting people I met are not only my family and friends but also random people I meet in the airport :>.  I do have to admit that I am a completely different person now than I was before I started my adventures. I was a very conservative, shy, close-minded, stingy and a bit negative before. I have learned that traveling help me with my personal growth and I have became the person that I am now. I am still new to traveling and it takes time and experience as I travel more and more.

Poop Slippers at the Millcreek Mall in Erie Pennsylvania. No I did not get it cause I already have 2 pairs.

Also, I love to meet new people through couchsurfing ( Its like airbnb but you stay there for free and usually couchsurfer interact with their host (eating out, tours, camping, fishing, board games, and etc). I find that a lot of people ask me the same question : “Why would someone wants to let you stay for free?”. Well, I have never hosted someone before because I am still living with my parents but I have asked some of my host. They said that they like to make new friends through couchsurfing ,exchange culture, help coursurfers save money on their travel and exchange travel stories with courchsurfers.

BTS shoot with my new photographer friend,Nathan Sulecki in Ashbusy Woods, Erie ,Pennslyvania 

I prefer going alone when i travel because I get to see more and get to explore more. Of course I miss sharing some beautiful moment with my best friend and my sisters. However, I try to document my trip as much as possible while enjoying my travel so they don’t feel left out. I know that I am too friendly sometimes and try to talk to strangers. Just keep in mind that strangers are like us too and sometimes they lack human interaction in their daily lives. Talking to strangers can also overcome your shyness and you will feel more confident next time when you approach other locals/ strangers.

Fine Dining in Erie, Pennsylvania

There are many ways that each of us express ourselves. Some people like to sing, dance , workout , play instruments, paint but for me blogging helps me express myself , plus I get to document my stories and adventure.

Jess and his clients trying to do a scary pose while I was in Pennslyvania. These guys are hilarious

I am not sure why but i find that this quote is how I am feeling these days. “I lost myself while trying to please everyone else, Now I am loosing everyone while finding msyelf.”

My mom made me coffee cheesecake for my “Second Time Around” Road Trip to USA that I am currently in right now (Chicago)

Overall, you perspective in traveling and also in life needs to change in order yo experience the adventures wherever you go. Even if you are experiencing any obstacles, make sure you keep your head high, never give up and stay positive because you have more to offer in life if you keep moving forward.

Feature Traveler

Name: Murray

How did we meet each other? Airplane

What do you like most about traveling?  Meeting New People

Name: Kristen

How did we meet each other? Airplane

What do you like most about traveling?  Learning new things on my adventure

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